General Dentistry

Most dentists in Iceland, as in other countries, are general dentists, who provide basic service in all fields of dentistry and they provide service to individuals of all ages. More often than not they become dentists to entire families and the visit to the dentist’s clinic becomes an annual affair for the whole family. Our clinic boasts four general dentists who emphasize providing excellent service in the form of a professional dental examination, preventive services, diagnosis and treatment. Should a situation arise where an expert’s opinion or specialized treatment is needed, your dentist will assist you in contacting the appropriate specialist.

Pediatric Dentistry

Eva Guðrún and Sigurður Rúnar are pediatric dentists at Tannlæknastofan in Glæsibær, our dental clinic. They have both finished a three-year specialized degree in the field. Pediatric dentistry is the area of dentistry which deals with children of the ages of 0-18 years, but also includes children and adults with special needs and/or other specialized problems. Pediatric dentists treat all children and adults who seek their assistance, but often children are referred by general dentists to specialists in order to ensure the best treatment of specific dental problems.


Erna Rún is the clinic’s specialist in prosthodontics, the branch of dentistry which deals with reconstructing tooth appearance and the ability to chew. This may entail the making of full dentures, or partial ones, making of porcelain crowns for teeth, as well as the implantation of teeth for those that have lost teeth, partially or completely. Erna also specializes in making porcelain laminate veneers. Erna has extensive experience in making veneers and is an expert in veneer design.

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