Specialists in pediatric dentistry

Eva Guðrún and Sigurður Rúnar are pediatric dentists at Tannlæknastofan in Glæsibær, our dental clinic. They have both finished a three-year specialized degree in the field. Pediatric dentistry is the area of dentistry which deals with children of the ages of 0-18 years, but also includes children and adults with special needs and/or other specialized problems. Pediatric dentists treat all children and adults who seek their assistance, but often children are referred by general dentists to specialists in order to ensure the best treatment of specific dental problems. The following groups are examples of the clients of pediatric dentists:

The following groups are example of clients pediatric dentists:

  • All children and parents can choose a pediatric dentist as their family dentist
  • Young children, who have not yet attained the maturity to receive dental treatment
  • Scared children, who are not able to receive dental treatment
  • Children with extensive dental decay
  • Children with tooth formation abnormalities, including enamel abnormalities
  • Children who lack teeth (hypodontia) or have too many teeth (hyperdontia)
  • Children who have suffered trauma to their teeth
  • Children who have problems with their mucous membrane
  • Children with long-term illnesses
  • Individuals with autism, both children and adults
  • Children and/or adults who have a syndrome, are mentally impaired, and/or have some sort of a handicap
  • Adults with severe dental phobias

Our main objective for children who come to our clinic is to make sure they are comfortable, that they have a pleasant visit and that they are happy when they walk out of the clinic and look forward to visiting us again. We will make every effort to ensure this goal of ours.

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